Car Service

It is important that your vehicle is serviced regularly. Not only to save you money in the long run, but also to avoid excessive wear, breakdowns, and expensive repairs that could be caused by failing to service your car at the regular intervals that the manufacturer recommends.

Experienced technicians

When you get your vehicle serviced by Browns Rd Ltd you can trust our skilled and qualified technicians to quickly and efficiently diagnose any problems to ensure that your car is in good health. Our technicians have many years of experience dealing with a huge variety of different vehicle makes and models and will ensure that your car is serviced in-line with the manufacturer’s requirements.

Increase your vehicle’s longevity

With our help you can increase your vehicle’s longevity with regular servicing. Our expertise means that we are able to identify wear and tear to your vehicle before it starts to cause problems.

Competitively priced

When you get your car serviced by Browns Rd Ltd you will find that our prices are a fraction of what you’d pay at large national chain dealerships. Our competitively priced servicing allows you to look after your vehicle whilst still keeping the costs down. To book your car in for a service, give us a call on: 0208 399 3068 and we’ll be happy to help.